Modern KJV project

The Modern KJV Bible Project

Working on producing the modern KJV Bible in 2024
for today’s English readers

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!  Please support us as we serve God to produce the modern KJV (King James Version of the Holy Bible) in our day and age.  Our goal is to modernize the language of the KJV while retaining the same meaning as the original for 100% of the Bible.  We hope that this will help modern English speakers better understand the word of God. 

King James Version 1611, Genesis Chapter 1
Genesis 1 1769
King James Version (1769), Genesis Chapter 1

If you think of a KJV 2024, that should give you a good idea of the vision for our work.  This project is very much needed.  Though some people may say that there is a glut of Bibles, and we have no need of any more, this is not true. The KJV is still immensely popular in the U.S., even though it was written in what is now archaic English. The archaisms needlessly lead to greater difficulty in comprehending the word of God. Some words used in the KJV today have different meanings than they did 400 years ago. So when a modern English speaker reads these words, he thinks of the definition that is known and common today. This often leads to confusion because the modern definition does not make sense in the verse. Or even worse, it can lead to a misunderstanding because the modern English speaker is using a wrong definition to process the meaning of the Scripture. Additionally, some words are unfamiliar for many people today. When they hear the reading of God’s word, they cannot understand some things because of the usage of antiquated words. Must it be so? No. God’s people should work together to minimally update the archaic text to lead to much greater comprehension of the word of God for those who choose to continue using the KJV translation. And that is what this project is. A new translation is not necessary. Furthermore, the KJV has some advantages over modern translations, such as including the grammatical number of second person pronouns. These are some of the reasons that led to the commencement of this modern KJV project. The goal is for the revision to in no way be a new translation or alter the meaning of the KJV, but to be the same translation that uses modern language. But someone may wonder whether or not this has in fact already been completed. After an examination of many attempts at updating the KJV, none have been found to satisfactorily retain the meaning of the entire translation with modern language.  And specifically, the New King James Version (NKJV) in fact is not a simple modernization of the KJV. The NKJV is a new and different translation that gives differing and contrary meanings than the KJV in many verses. The NKJV also took away the plural and singular distinctions of second person pronouns as found in the KJV. This project to faithfully modernize the KJV is being conducted by The Holy Scriptures Bible Society.  We hope to have more partners for the project.  We especially are searching for additional Editors to join the project Committee.  You can reach us by email at  And one last issue should be mentioned, which is money. Some people may attack this project and claim it is only being done for money. This is false. Money is not a motive for this project, but rather to serve God and people are why this project is happening. That is the reason that work has been done on the project for almost five years without payment. Additionally, the Bible Society that is managing this project is a non-profit organization, which means the members of the Society legally cannot receive any of the profit from operations. This website is being used primarily to help people find our modern KJV project. If you would like to visit the main project website, please go to May God be glorified.